UX & Game Designer
Three Degrees

During 2013, I took a course "Serious Games" at DePaul which focused on designing games that had real word outcomes for their players. The class mostly ended up being about creating educational games though because we worked with a local Chicago charter school to develop games and test them with middle school age kids. For my final project, I worked on a game about climate change called Three Degrees.

Three Degrees is a four-player resource management game about climate change. Each player takes the role of the a region in the world, and each turn a random event occurs that forces players to trade resources in order to stave off civil unrest. Additionally, all of these events become worse each turn as global temperatures rise. Players win by all buying technology cards and reaching sustainable technology.

We ended up testing the game at the middle school just twice, which was an illuminating experiance but more frequent testing would have been ideal.

Three Degrees Board