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Take A Bullet For The Country

During my fall 2016 semester at Georgia Tech I took a course designed to teach basic programming skills to incoming graduate students called "The Computer as an Expressive Medium". All the projects in that course tended to emphasize some sort of artistic or meaningful expression through computing, and in my case I ended up creating Take a Bullet for the Country.

The borrowed the projects name and design from another digital artist I admire, R. Luke Dubois. In his version of this piece, which he called Take a Bullet for the City, the data is local and the art physical. His piece uses a real gun used in a murder that fires blanks each time a reported gun incident appears on police radio in New Orleans. I wanted to take part of his design and incorporate ideas that would only work in a digital context, like showing data sources and filtering data based off of location.

Take a Bullet For the Country Screenshot 1

I used Node and A-Frame to render a captivating frame and run server-side calcuations on the user's location, as well as scrape and filter the gun data. The graphic design of the project is still very brittle though, and I haven't learned exactly how to permanently host the project at the time of writing. In the future I'd like to figure out a little more about server-side programming and get this project hosted and visable to the wider world.

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