UX & Game Designer

In Necrolunacy, four players take the role of a necromancer trying to sacrifice human souls to the Great Evil. Each human that you sacrifice must first be stripped of its flesh though, and afterwards their skeletons walk towards the sacrifical pit. If the skeleton reaches the sacrifical pit without being destroyed by other necromancers, it counts as one point for that necromancer. The first necromancer to reach 10 points wins.

This game was developed at the 2013 Chicago Game Jam by myself, William Guenette, Ephraim Zimmerman, Garrett Bogert, Zach Luttmer and Tommy Rousse. I was an artist and designer on the project, responsible for creating the background, the sacrificial pit and a few animations that we didn't have time to implement unfortunately, as well as helping with with the design of the game.

Necrolunacy Screenshot 1
Necrolunacy Screenshot 2