UX & Game Designer
Into Darkness

In 2013 I took an independent study with Doris Rusch called project Bluelight that focused on making a documentary/game combined art experience. For my part, I worked with two other developers to make a metaphorical game about OCD to pair with a documentary about the lives of people with OCD. From that, Into Darkness was formed.

In the game, the player is navigating a dark maze with dark, writhing spots on the ground that, if touched, causes the darkness of the maze to encroach on you. However, if you spin in a circle in the game you'll rid yourself of the substance and be able to continue on exploring the randomly generated maze indefinitely.

To "win" the game, the player actually must allow the darkness to take over them, completely removing all light from the room. If they player does nothing and lets the calamity occur, a ladder spawns nearby and they can escape the maze.

The games mechanics and design were laser targeted at OCD as a metaphor, and looking back now I still feel as though the game achieves that intent. It, alongside the rest of the project, was well enough received that it was showcased in a few different conferences and events that I've listed below.

Into Darkness Screenshot 1