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How To Cook Everything

At the 2015 Global Game Jam at USC I designed a local multiplayer cooking game with Mike Salyh and Ryan Sandvik called "How To Cook Everything". In the game, the players are working at a restaurant that's run out of real food and must serve guests as quickly as possible with whatever ingredients they can scrounge up, no matter how inedible they are. The game was intended to be a 2 player game, where each player must quickly switch between cooking stations in a fictional restaurant. However, in our game we made each station a separate computer, and players moving between stations is literal. Players physically walk between stations.

Cover Art of How to Cook Everything

Unfortunately, given that this game is an installation game we cannot recreate it easily. The game was split between 5 stations hosted on 4 computers at the time and corralling them back together in their original form isn't possible. However, the link at the top of the page links to a Newgrounds page where we hosted the final version of the game, collected together into a playable version for just one player. It's not quite the same experience but it gets across the idea.

How To Cook Everything Screenshot 1
How To Cook Everything Screenshot 2