UX & Game Designer
Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming

The first project that I led start to finish at Disney was Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming. It was the first project I led and it was the last project I released right before leaving Disney for Georgia Tech. It's a game based off the Finding Dory movie where the player must navigate the sections of the movie as Dory. Additionally, Dory forgets how the levels go, and the player helps jog her memory by picking out a funny element missing from the story.

Because Disney is more of a publisher, we had constant calls with the Seven2, the developer on the project. They we're quite daily, but calls took place between myself, the producer on our end and the producer on their end quite a lot. I primarily worked with them by providing build notes, diagrams or descriptions of mechanics. In addition, I oversaw both informal and formal playtests of the game. I'd use those playtests to inform design decisions that I'd suggest to the developers through notes and phone calls. Through that back and forth we shaped the final design of the game.

Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming Screenshot 1
Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming Screenshot 2